CF-AAM - The only known 
Fokker Super Universal currently flying

Not many Fokker Super Universals have survived from the 1930s. Only one of these aircraft has survived and been restored to airworthy status. Rebuilt by Clark Seaborn of Calgary, Canada, this aircraft is registered CF-AAM  (perhaps this stands for "Currently Flying Arctic Aviation Machine!") and completed its first post-restoration flight on 24 July 1998. (Photo - Seaborn)

This photograph was taken by Chris Rudge in Calgary late in September 1996 before CF-AAM had been restored to airworthiness. The engine mounting ring of Byrd's Virginia was cut off when the aircraft's engine was salvaged on Byrd's second expedition but it was removed from the engine and dumped nearby. Note the interesting bungee arrangement for the landing gear and the passenger windows - the remains of which can be seen in Wenden's photographs.

Instrument panel of Seaborn's Fokker. From left to right the instruments are; fuel pressure gauge, tachometer, airspeed indicator with oil temperature gauge below it, turn and slip indicator with rate of climb indicator below it, altimeter with oil pressure gauge below it, amp meter, master switch and fuel cocks bottom right.

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