Photographs of Fokker taken November 2001

The following photographs were taken during November 2001, when an ANI Twin Otter, paid for by NSF, visited the site and fuel drums were removed.  The existance of these drums was brought to the attention of the National Science Foundation in 2000 by the Antarctic Aviation Preservation Society, who proposed to recover them as part of a joint US/NZ expedition.  This proposal led to support for the recovery from the Antarctic Heritage Trust and then Antarctica New Zealand.  The National Science Foundation was not prepared to support any effort to recover the aircraft however, and, without informing the society, they removed the drums in November 2001 anyway.  The lack of contact meant that an opportunity was lost to gather detailed photographs and measurements that would have been useful in a later recovery of the aircraft.  The following unofficial photos were obtained by a member of the fuel drum recovery team.

This general scene shows a little more snow around the aircraft than in previous visits.  The wings have deteriorated further since the aircraft was first rediscovered in 1987.

A general view looking back to Washington Ridge.  The fuel depot is shown as the black dots in the left middle distance. The Fokker is lying upside down with nose toward the distant hill.  The black object to the left is the starboard ski.  The
fuselage is slightly twisted but it and all "tail feathers" are complete.

Front of Fokker with ANI Twin Otter.  The starboard wing spars have been heavily eroded away all but the aileron cables
and attachments are still thought to be there as they are shown in previous photos.

Detail of starboard ski.  In the background can be seen the trim
wheel and attachment point for the fuselage to the wing.

Detail of cockpit area.  Trim wheel is at lower front. Left are cut engine mounts
(engine mount is still on ground further left and out of the photo), rudder
control cables, and front spar (wood running lower right to top middle).

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