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Air-to-Air by Chris Rudge
The story behind the air-to-air combat claims of the RNZAF


Foreword by Geoff Fisken.  Published by Adventure Air, P.O.Box 240, Lyttelton, 2003.  ISBN 0-473-09724-9 Hardback, 176mm x 250mm, 434 pages, 242 B&W photographs, seven maps, appendices, references, glossary, bibliography, index. Limited edition of 900 signed and numbered copies.  NZ$59.95 + NZ$5.00 P&P. 

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Missing! by Chris Rudge
Aircraft Missing in New Zealand 1928 - 2000  -   Over 1050 copies sold!

Published by Adventure Air
, P.O.Box 240, Lyttelton, New Zealand, 2001. ISBN 0-473-08119-9 Hardback, 176mm x 250mm, 328 pages, 116 photographs, none maps, appendix, references, glossary, bibliography, index.  Limited to 1500 signed and numbered copies.  NZ$59.95 + NZ$5.00 P&P.  Available direct from author/publisher only.

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For Your Tomorrow by Errol Martyn
A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied air services since 1915

ISBN 0-473-05274-1 and 0-473-06311-5, 175 mm x 250 mm, 304 pages (Vol 1) and 448 pages (Vol 2)

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By Such Deeds by Colin Hanson
Honours and Awards in the Royal New Zealand Air Force 1923-1999

ISBN 0-473-07301-3, 220 mm x 310 mm, 608 pages, colour photographs, indexed.

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Aeronautica For Sale

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Please note - all instruments are sold "as is" as I have no way of checking whether they work.


2 piece ammo chute $325.00 ea
Ammo chute tracks long x2 $300.00 ea
Gun barrel tubes x 2 $450.00 ea
Ammo chute tracks short x 2 $300.00
Fuel cap with neck assy. NOS NAF 1152-2 $95.00
Prop Bearings x 3 $15.00 each
Wing tip light $45.00
Red Grimes recognition light AN 3-U36-5 $45 each
Amber Grimes recognition light AN 3096-6 $45
Green Grimes recognition light AN 3096-6 $45
Oil tank pattern for -1A or -1D this thing is in tough shape Asking $300.00
Crushed oil tank for a -4 Corsair. This is a metal workers special. It is complete and as far as I can see all of the castings are in perfect shape. The tank has met with some heavy force and indeed needs repairs. $400.00.
F4U-4 Corsair WIndscreen Deck Panel $1,475.00
Instrument Panel Turn and Bank Indicator $45.00
Instrument Panel Compass $45.00
Instrument Panel Directional-Gyro $65.00
Original used carrier based F4U-1D Corsair Tail Wheel $50.00
Air inlet duct for -4 VS-11327?? $1,500.00
Carb $250.00
NOS Carb in factory bag $575.00  I believe this is for a -4.
Fairing installation Rudder panel (Airpower Unlimited product.  High quality reproduction) VS-15221 $1,500.00
Rocket Rail $275.00
NOS Tail wheel land based 51136 $175.00
Hamilton Standard Prop Blades 6541A-0 (NOS) in 1945 Crate.  Sold with hub and dome - non NOS parts. $12,500.

For further details, please contact Matt at:

ITEM No. 1041. PII COMPASS. Same size as P8. Probably used in de Havilland Tiger Moth but type could have been used in Hawker Hurricanes and early Supermarine Spitfires.  Has broad arrow and Air Ministry stores reference number of 6A/1672. On rim is “Type PII No. 22817 K”. Needs top up of alcohol but 90% full and needle points to north.  NZ$190.00 + P&P SOLD!

Ref. No. 241. CHIPMUNK PROPELLER. Circa late 1940’s. Airworthy condition. Reputed to be from an Indian Chipmunk called the “Hindustan” which was powered by a Cirrus Hermes engine. Stamped “Drg.Z.5832/2 D.6’-6” P.5.1’ 90690”. “90690” stamped on face. The Drg letter “Z” indicates the propeller was manufactured by the Airscrew Co., England. Eight mounting holes. Decal on prop reads “The Airscrew Co & Jicwood Ltd. Weybridge.”  NZ$1200.00  SOLD!

ITEM No. 1002 A-4 SKYHAWK AMMUNITION BOX.   This ammunition box was removed from an A-4M Skyhawk Bu. No. 158194 (Douglas Construction No. 14231), Side No. “WL 01” of VMA 311 Tomcats.  This is evidenced by the fact that it has chalk markings on the box with the number “8194”. Bu. No. 158194 was an aircraft in the initial batch of 49 A-4Ms built by the Douglas Aircraft Company. On 21 February 1981, the aircraft is shown photographed at Davis-Mothnan Air Force Base. The aircraft went to the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration  Centre (AMARC) at Tucson, Arizona, on 13 July 1989 (as 3A0560) and was still there in September 1998.NZ$95.00  + P&P SOLD!

ITEM No. 1083. RAF "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" 1936 PATTERN FLYING BOOTS. According to the book "Luftwaffe vs. RAF Flying Clothing of the Air War, 1939-45" by Mick J. Prodger, these boots were "synonymous with Battle of Britain fighter pilots." They were the footwear of choice for many flyers throughout WWII. Made of sturdy chromed black leather with thick pile fleece, the boots were pull-on style and feature a tightening strap and buckle across a shallow V-shaped opening at the very top front. The external condition and stitching of these boots are the best I have seen. The soles are the original leather. Some of the sheep skin fleece has worn thin around the tops of the boots but this is normal in the boots I have seen. I am not sure what size they are but they are definitely on the large size. The stitching is incredibly fine - a real work of art. These would be a superb addition for those collecting WWII flying clothing and equipment and would look great on a mannequin or for museum display. Good luck on your bidding! NZ$375.00 + P&P. SOLD!

ITEM No. 633. CURTIS P-40 KITTYHAWK REFLECTOR MOUNT. Numbers in side "87 69 939 C L844". NZ$725.00 SOLD!

ITEM No. 331. SPITFIRE TURN AND SLIP INDICATOR. Also used in de Havilland Tiger Moth and other British aircraft such as the Lancaster bomber and Hawker Hurricane. Mk IA. NZ$110.00 SOLD!

ITEM No. 908.  P-47 THUNDERBOLT RPM GAUGE.  Also fitted to P-38 Lightnings. On dial is “A C U S Army.  Type E-9A General Electric.  Made in USA NP 94917”.  Plate reads: Indicator Ass’y Order No. AC-20850 M’f’r’s Part No. 8D113AA H SUB 23 Spec No. 94-27950 US Pat 1633805 1947274 1968569 2027994 2027996 2027997 General Electric. NZ$150.00 + P&P. SOLD!

ITEM No.1039. BENDIX TYPE IN-4A APPROACH AID. Type fitted to P-51s and other aircraft during WWII as a homing aid. Serial number 0 5681. “Higkok” on rear of case. Includes Cannon connector for six pin connection.  I have the same type of gauge fitted to my P-51 panel. To view, please click here.
NZ$85.00 + P&P  SOLD!

ITEM NO. 744. CANBERRA/VAMPIRE AIRSPEED INDICATOR.  1950.  Smiths.  Ref. 6A/1985.  0-600 knots.  Broken corner as illustrated but otherwise looks good. NZ$95.00 + P&P. SOLD!

ITEM No. 911. P-47 THUNDERBOLT CYLINDER TEMPERATURE GAUGE.  Similar type used on F4U Corsair but this is the US Army model. AC US Army Type B- Plate reads: “Order No. AC 35737 M’f’r’s Part No. 110430 Serial No. AC 43 162753 Spec No. 94-27928-A Western Elec Inst Corp USA.” NZ$85.00 + P&P.  SOLD!

ITEM No. 113n. P-51 MUSTANG OXYGEN CYLINDER PRESSURE GAUGE. Also fitted into other US aircraft such as the B-17 Flying Fortress.  Good condition. Has "P9055" scratched on rear.  NZ$55.00 + P&P.

ITEM No. 964. VENTURA OIL PRESSURE GAUGE. Type also used in F4U Corsair.  On face reads: “ A C U  S Army. Type B.8A.” Rear plate reads: “Order No. 42-4738-P Mf’rs Part No. 10059-A Serial Number AC 42-4889 Spec. No. 94-27917 The Electirc Auto-Lite Co. Motometer Gauge & Equip’t Div La Crosse Wis.” Very good condition. NZ$60.00 + P&P

ITEM No. 113l. P-51 MUSTANG OXYGEN CYLINDER PRESSURE GAUGE. Also fitted into other US aircraft such as the B-17 Flying Fortress. Gasket behind glass is loose and needs replacement - easy to do.  NZ$35.00 + P&P.

ITEM No. 193. OXYGEN FLOW INDICATOR BLINKER FROM P-51 MUSTANG FIGHTER. Circa 1940’s. This type of Blinker was also used in B-17s, C-47, Front dial reads “Blinker Oxygen Flow Indicator”. Back plate reads “Serial No. AF44-080487 Contract W-11-107ac-167(57) Mfrs. Ass’y Part No. 1506523 Indicator - Oxygen Flow AN 6029-1 Delco Radio Div. G.M. Corp.”  NZ$55.00 + P&P.

PART No. 194. HYDRAULIC PRESSURE GAUGE FITTED TO P-51 MUSTANG. Circa 1940’s. 0 -5000 lbs sq. in. Back plate reads “Gage Hydraulic Pressure AN5771T7A  Stock Number Mf’rs. Part No.AW-1 7/8-17-CZ6 Mf’rs Serial No. AF-51-16467 Order No.AF 33(038)-20750 U.S.Gage NP-F-CM-26” Gauge was apparently fitted into wheel well. NZ$55.00 + P&P. SOLD!

ITEM No. 928. HUDSON OIL PRESSURE GAUGE. 0 – 200 lb square inch. Type also fitted to other WWII US aircraft. US Gauge Co, N.Y. Plate reads: “Order No. [blank]. M’f’r’s Part No. AW-1 7/8-18 Serial No. 18112. United States Gauge Co., N.Y.” No pointer or glass.  Glass replacements can be made for less than $10.00 from your local glazier.  Good for static display. NZ$20.00 + P&P.
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