Virtual Museum - A-4 Skyhawk Instruments and Components

Welcome to the A-4 Skyhawk page. In order to complete an A-4K cockpit under construction, I require a number of components. If you are able to assist, please contact me at  If you have any of the following and wish to convert them to cash, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

  1. Air conditioning panel
  2. Annunciator panel
  3. Angle of attack indicator
  4. ARC-115-VHF radio controller
  5. ASN-41 Doppler control head
  6. Canopy jettison lever
  7. Canopy latch
  8. Canopy release lever
  9. Checklist - takeoff
  10. Checklist - landing
  11. Chute deploy panel
  12. Control column lower
  13. Control column upper
  14. Emergency bomb release T handle
  15. Emergency Gen T handle
  16. Emergency landing gear T handle
  17. Emergency speedbrake deploy knob
  18. Exhaust temp indicator
  19. Exterior lights panel
  20. Fuel cutoff panel
  21. Fuel quantity indicator
  22. Landing gear lever
  23. Floodlight right side
  24. Light left side
  25. Manual Flt Control lever
  26. Low oil pressure warning light
  27. Parachute NES-12E
  28. Pressure ratio indicator
  29. Accelerometer
  30. Seat lowering panel
  31. Tail hook lever
  32. Trim panel
  33. WEMAC air vents
  34. Warning lights left
  35. Warning lights right
  36. Instrument panel cover

Ref. No. 960. RNZAF SKYHAWK INSTRUMENT PANEL. This panel was initially installed in a US Navy aircraft that saw action in Vietnam. The aircraft was then sold to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) before being purchased by the RNZAF (the RAN purchased a total of 20 Skyhawks for use on the HMAS Melbourne, but ten were lost to accident and the remaining ten were sold to the RNZAF). As such, this panel (initially from an F-Model aircraft) has therefore been owned by three air forces and was used in combat in South-East Asia.  At present, instruments are being progressively added so that the panel represents a pre-Kahu upgrade version as used by the RNZAF. 
Ref. No. 800. RNZAF MCDONNELL DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK CANNON BARREL AND MUZZLE BREAK.  Barrel  has mark “PAV 195” stamped on it.  Muzzle break measures 153mm long and 50mm in diameter.  Made of stainless steel (?) and stamped with number “28”, as well as inspection mark “U 197”. Has minor dents and has been used.  Probably from a crashed aircraft.  A muzzle break is an attachment on the end of the gun barrel that has ports (or holes in the sides, top and bottom) in order to deflect the propellant gasses behind the bullet out to the side or top of the rifle.  This deflection of gasses stabilises the barrel of the gun.
Ref. No. 946. SKYHAWK ARRESTOR HOOK.Colour matches late scheme used on RNZAF Skyhawks.  Length is 2000 mm and weight is 11 kg

Ref. No. 1022. DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK CONTROL GRIP.  On top is the word “Mason”. Top left switch is the missle guidance switch as fitted to early model aircraft. Central switch is for elevator trim (nose up and nose down) and aileron trim, which is marked LWD (left wing down) and RWD (right wing down) on either side. Right switch is for autopilot.  Bomb switch is maked “B” and is in thumb position. Gun switch on front. On base is number “22411A” and on side is number “4064-938”. A total of 17 wires are attached.

Ref. No. 1073. A-4 GRIP.  On top is the word “Mason”. Top left switch is for nose-wheel steering as fitted to later models of A-4 . Central switch is for elevator trim (nose up and nose down) and aileron trim, which is marked LWD (left wing down) and RWD (right wing down) on either side. Right switch is for autopilot.  Bomb switch is maked “B” and is in thumb position. Gun switch on front. On bottom is number “708-5101”, on side is number “SN1574 8748” and on base  is "DAC 7821711-1"

Ref. No. 1003. A-4 SKYHAWK GUNSIGHT.  Removed from Bu. No. 148610, which flew with VMA-133 Dragons (Tail number “ME” and side number “13”). This aircraft was an AFD-2N, which was later redesignated A-4C.  This aircraft was produced in a batch of 178 aircraft with Bu. Nos. 148435 to 148612. Formerly on exhibit at the Navy-Marine Corps and Coast Guard Museum, it was acquired from NAS by Encinal High School, Alameda, CA in 1984. It was towed to the school, restored and repainted by student volunteers before being placed on display.
Ref. No. 1044. A-4 SKYHAWK MASTER CONTROL PANEL. From an Israeli aircraft, probably an A-4H.  An interesting feature of this panel, and proof of its Israeli heritage, is the control knob marked “Walleye”. The Walleye was known as a TVGB (Television Guided Bomb). This was a US Navy development in cooperation with Hughes Aircraft and Martin Marietta Corporation. They began entering service in 1967 during the Vietnam war.  Israel purchased 204 Walleye II GW Mk 4 Mod 4 2,000-lb TVGBs. This bomb had a 1,000-lb high explosive warhead, based on the Mk 84 2,000-lb bomb. USAF designation was GBU-15.  The panel also has a knob for “Shrike” missiles. This type of missile was used extensively in the Vietnam war to knock out radar stations – the missile homing in on the radiation emitted by the enemy radar. During the Middle-Eastern war in 1973, 490 Shrikes were supplied to Israel with seeker heads pretuned at 2965-2990 MHz and 3025-3050 MHz, the bandwidths employed by the Fanson A and B radars guiding SA-2 Guideline and SA-3 Goa surface-to-air missiles supplied by the Soviets to Egypt.

Ref. No. 1072 ESCAPAC A-4 SKYHAWK EJECTION SEAT. Data plate reads: "Aircraft Mod A4D-5 Part No. 5676407 Cont No. NOW 62-0395 Serial No. A18-1295 Modification Incorporated ASC 157 D ASSEB15-62 ACSC 31A2 ACSC 57, Douglas Rocket Ejection Seat, Automatic-Ground Level, Douglas Aircraft Corp". Only the first eight A4D-5s built were so designated, as the tri-service redesignation system came into effect before deliveries began in January 1963, and the "Dash Five" became the A-4E. Compared with previous models, the A-4E featured a lengthened nose, five wing pylons, more powerful engine, an avionics hump and cranked fuel probe.

RSSK-8A-1 SURVIVAL CONTAINER.  This is part of the ejection seat system and contains, oxygen bottle, ELT (emergency locator transmitter), medical equipment (bandages, suncreen, insect replement, etc), survival items (compass, water container, razor blade, energy sweets, etc).

Ref. No. 1158. ESCAPAC SEAT CUSHION.  Sits on top of RSSK-8A-1
Ref. No.1004. A-4 SKYHAWK RUDDER PEDALS. Matching pair. The word “Douglas” included in the casting. Part No. 3444568-1 and 5442548-401 stamped on port pedal with 3444568-3 and B78T cast on rear of pedal at top.  Starboard pedal has no part numbers stamped but has the number 3444568-3 and B55M cast on rear of pedal at top.
Ref. No. 971. SKYHAWK FLAPS AND LANDING GEAR PANEL.  Removed from an Israeli aircraft. Plate reads “Douglas Aircraft Co. Inc. El Segundo, Calif. Part Name – Wheel & Flaps Part No – 3541981.” Item is stamped with number “503”. This panel was located on the left side of the cockpit just aft of the instrument panel.

Ref. No. 1043. A-4 SKYHAWK THROTTLE CONTROL PANEL. From an Israeli aircraft, probably an A-4H. Includes throttle, mic button, exterior lights switch, flap panel and lever, trim controls, throttle friction wheel, etc.
Ref. No. 1062. SKYHAWK ENGINE CONTROL PANEL. Rear reads: “Douglas. Engine Control Assembly 3818754-501”.

Ref. No. 1048. DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK AFCS PANEL. Plate reads: “Console Control Type No. 17309-I-B. Serial No. 203116. Douglas Detail Spec. No. 7668045-515 The Bendix Corp. Eclipse-Pioneer Div, Teterboro, n.J., Made in USA.” Inspected 1971.
Ref. No. 1064. SKYHAWK RADAR CONSOLE. On rear reads: Radar Control Console. Plate reads: Douglas Aircraft Co Inc., Long Beach, Calif., Part No. 5811728-501 Part Name Radar Control Console. Assy Serial No. LL449. 

Ref. No. 1069. OXYGEN REGULATOR PRESSURE DEMAND. Type used in A-4 Skyhawks. Part No. 2894-10A-B2B-AE1. Serial No. 2162. Part No. 1602936-1 on side. Serviced by AvOX in November 1991.

Ref. No. 1063. SKYHAWK NAVIGATION PANEL. Rear panel reads: C-4418B/APN-153(V) Ser: Bln 335 N600(19)65538 183305-000 Mfr 81413.”

Ref. No. 1058. EX-ISRAELI A-4 SKYHAWK CONTROL RADIO SET. C-6555/R ARC-51A. This control head was usually located mid-position on the right hand console.
Ref. No. 1057.  TACAN CONTROLLER. C-8734/ARN-84(V). DA 82260 PN 8010000205-1 MFR 82260. This item came from an RAN A-4G Skyhawk.
Ref. No. 1061. SKYHAWK CONTROL TRANSPONDER SET C-6280A(P)/APX. Rear plate reads: Control, Transponder Set C-6280A(p)/APX Hazeltine P/N 119262-3 Serial No. 938-175 Manufactured  for Hazeltine Corp. By Sentinel Electronics Inc Model 134A”. 

Ref. No. 1049. DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK UHF PANEL. C-1457/ARR-40. In pre-Kahu RNZAF Skyhawks, this was located at the rear of the right console.

Ref. No. 1154. DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK GUN PODS PANEL. Ex-Israeli Skyhawk.

Ref. No. 1155. DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK COMP PANEL. Ex-Israeli Skyhawk. 

Ref. No. 1035. RNZAF DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK TAIL CONE AND DROGUE CHUTE FOR DRAG CHUTE.  Cone dented and scratched as a result of coming in contact with runway. Has orange RNZAF servicable/dump sticker on it. Inside written in black ink is “In Service 30/8/77 Williamtown” with numeral “77”. This clearly shows that the cone was in use in Australia with the RAAF before coming to New Zealand and being used on an RNZAF aircraft.
Ref. No. 967. SKYHAWK ADI. Indicator Altitude Director. Model 4060 BE. Spec: MIL-I-27619. Made by Lear Siegler Instrument Division, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.  Measures 127 mm across by 133 mm high by 176 mm deep excluding knob.
Ref. No. 936. RNZAF A-4 SKYHAWK GYRO HORIZON. Label on side reads: “Indicator Gyro ID-1481/A Lear Jet Sfena Type 803 115V 3O 380-420 N000-19-69-C-0543 Pt No. 501-1049-01 Mfr 25583 US”. Sticker on top reads: “Naval Air Rework Facility Alameda 96421” Stamped 1985, 2nd quarter. Label on other side reads: Barrier Coated Per MIL-STD-1334 535-1038-01 Install and test with equivalent to 7 degree panel tilt.”

 Ref. No. 986. SKYHAWK INDICATOR, AIRSPEED AND MACH NUMBER. Rear plate reads: “Indicator, Airpseed and Mach Number. Douglas Spec 7442216-501 M. Mfr’s Part No. 1451-516-A51-1 Serial No. 199 Bendix Aviation Corp. Davenport, Iowa Bendix Pioneer-Central Div Made in USA.”
Ref. No. 937. A-4 SKYHAWK ALTIMETER. Decal reads: “Conversion Decal. This instrument has been converted to KI Type B4515210002 SN-K 7247 Per The Mfrs Instructions by KIC Date 5/83 Repair Station Certificate No. 1725 Kollsman Instrument Company.”
 Ref. No. 1017. A-4 SKYHAWK RADAR ALTITUDE INSTRUMENT. Sticker of instrument reads: “ID-1760B/APN-194 (V) Contract N00019-82-C-0238 Des Act 94580 PN JG1061CC01 Mfr 94580 TM 16-30APN194-1 Ser No. 345."

Ref. No. 1046. A-4 SKYHAWK BEARING DISTANCE HEADING INDICATOR. Manufactured by AMI Instruments Inc, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Part No. 9002278-01K Ser. 3430. Used in ground trainer.

Ref. No. 1066. SKYHAWK RATE OF CLIMB INDICATOR. Rear plate reads: “Mfr Ser No. 712005 Mfr Part No. 1665-6AU-A6-1 DAC 7448834-503 Indicator Rate Of Climb The Bendix Corporation Pioneer-Centeal Div Davenport, Iowa, Made in USA.

Ref. No. 1067. SKYHAWK CABIN PRESSURE ALTITUDE GAUGE. Rear plate reads: “ Indicator, Cabin Pressure Part No. 3571200-1001 Lighting 28 Volts Serial No. 2572 The Bendix Corporation South Montrose, PA.
Ref. No. 957. A-4 SKYHAWK FUEL FLOW GAUGE.  0 – 15,000 PPH. Rear plate reads “Indicator rate of Flow Fuel. Mfr’s Part No. 8DJ96 LAF1 115 V 400 CY A C 300-15000 PPH Spec No. 7813930 Ser C0172B US Cont No. NOW (A)65-0184F.”
Ref. No. 958. A-4 SKYHAWK FUEL QUANTITY GAUGE. 0 – 6800 lbs.
Ref. No.  935.  RNZAF A-4 SKYHAWK ANGLE OF ATTACK INDICATOR. 2” gauge. Rear of gauge reads: “Indicator. Angle of Attack. 26 volts. 400 cycles. Type No. 27400-C1A-1-A2. Daco Spec 766974OH. Stock No. [blank]. Serial No. 2587. The Bendix Corporation. South Montrose, PA. US.” 

Plate on rear reads: “ Use 8 Ohm C.A. Leads. Indicator Temp. Thermocouple EHU-4/A Certified TSO-C43 AS 413 Type II The Lewis Engrg Co. Naugatuck, Conn. Mfrs Part. No. 152BL2C”

Ref. No. 995. SKYHAWK LIQUID OXYGEN GAUGE. Ex-Israeli Air Force. Rear plate reads: “ Indicator LOX Quantity. 115V 400 CY 1 PH. Design Activity Code/Part No. 99251-29316-4L-C1 Mfr Serial No. 301522 DAC SCD 76736 Bendix Instrument Life Support Division Davenport, Iowa.”

Ref. No. 1000. A-4 SKYHAWK OIL PRESSURE INSTRUMENT. 0-100 PSI. This gauge is probably one of the smallest pressure gauges ever made for an aircraft with the dial being just one inch across. This actual instrument was used in a trainer and carries the part number "3571111-200". 
Ref. No. 1012. A-4 SKYHAWK UPPER LEFT GUNSIGHT SUB-PANEL. On rear is written: “G-4 9824355-1 DACO/DPS. 450-118 April 1968.”
  Ref. No. 1013. A-4 SKYHAWK MID-RIGHT SUB-PANEL. On rear is written: “5 Volt 9826848-503D2 DACO/DPS 4.50-118.”
Ref. No. 940. SKYHAWK LABS (LOW ALTITUDE BOMBING SYSTEM) CONTROL UNIT. Face plate has “LABS” and “CORC”. Label on instrument reads “Douglas Control Assy Corc & Labs 5824353-1 Serial No. DAC035.” Main switch allows for “loft” selection or O/S (over the shoulder) bombing. Two knobs allow selection of min and set range in feet. This unit was developed by Douglas for the dropping of nuclear bombs. The “AJB-3 LABS allowed for loft bombing and was designed to automatically release the nuclear ‘Shape’, tossing it high enough to permit the A-4 to escape the bomb’s blast.”

Ref. No. 1209. ORIGINAL NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL FOR NAVY MODEL A-4E AIRCRAFT. This copy has “COMCVW-2” written on the cover, which indicates it was used by the Commander of Carrier Air Wing Two. The manual was published 1 February 1964 and changed on 15 November 1966. Further updates have been hand-amended on 18 October 1966, 7 November 1966 and 16 January 1967. At time of these amendments, the Commanding Officer was W. H. Harris, who served in that role from December 1965 to November 1967. CVW-2 was assigned to USS Coral Sea (CVA 43) from 29 July 1966 to 23 February 1967. Further evidence that the manual was used on Vietnam carrier ops is the amendment on page 1-158 in which a hand and typed note increase the catapulting load to 24,500 pounds.
Ref. No. 820. NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMM. BOMB, PRACTICE, MK 106-5.  Markings on outside as follows: NAVAL AIR SYSTEMS COMM. BOMB, PRACTICE, MK 106-5, DTF 150568 WT: 4.75 LBS. DNMN09-80-C-0068/5N24 NSN: 1325-01-088-1055 ABBI-K-101-004 DODIC/NALC: E961. Painted blue with white lettering 550 mm. Used on Skyhawks by the RNZAF.  Apparently also known as a BDU 48 (10 lb High Drag Practice Bomb).  Item is inert.

Ref. No. 762. RNZAF 20 MM A-4K SKYHAWK CARTRIDGE.  Case measures 110 mm, indicating this 20x110 case is United States Navy.  Case headstamp reads “20 MM – MK5. MOD.O RNO 8 65”. Projectile reads “20 MM MK 11 MOD 1 C 1-22 ZDP 10 72.”  Cartridge has no charge or fuse.  Projectile (not in case) measures 73 mm in length.

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