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A total of 45 aircraft appear on missing aircraft lists in New Zealand. Of these, 17 have gone missing without trace and 12 were found from between three months and 39 years later. The remainder are presumed to have crashed at sea, as some of the aircraft, cargo or crew were recovered after the event. Tragically, these accidents claimed the lives of 118 people.

This book records the details leading up to each aircraft’s disappearance, the subsequent search for the aircraft and the conclusions reached by military courts of inquiry and civilian air accident investigators.

"The result of over six year’s research and interviews, this book gathers, for the first time, the details surrounding New Zealand’s missing aircraft into one volume. An important addition to New Zealand aviation literature, it is essential reading for aviation historians, those who knew people involved, or those who wish to try and locate aircraft that disappeared without trace and solve some of this country’s greatest aviation mysteries.

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When the New Zealand government decided to scrap its air combat force in 2001, it appeared that many people had forgotten the contribution made by the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) during WWII.  During the period from 15 January 1942 to 13 February 1944, aircrew of RNZAF squadrons claimed to have shot down 106 aircraft in Malaya and the Pacific.  Although these combats were carried out at a distance, they were essentially in the defence of New Zealand.  Air-to-Air explains why. 

Written to compliment the official histories of New Zealand in WWII, this book documents all air-to-air combat claims made by aircrew flying for RNZAF squadrons.  It also provides comprehensive details of each campaign so that the contribution made by the RNZAF, Royal New Zealand Navy and the New Zealand Army in the Pacific and South-East Asia can be put into perspective.  Air-to-Air has been thoroughly researched using original documents and is lavishly illustrated with over 230 photographs and seven maps.  Biographical information on all RNZAF aircrew who made claims is provided and the work has been enriched by the recollections of a number of surviving New Zealand fighter pilots. 

Air-to-Air is undoubtedly one of the most important works ever published on the RNZAF and is essential reading for those interested in New Zealand’s air combat history and the country’s defence.

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