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ADLAM Lance, THE QUEST FOR WINGS, 1991, The Dunmore Press, 200 pages, illus.  Autobiography of Lance Adlam, who flew P-40s and F4Us with the RNZAF.

AIMER Peter, WINGS OF THE NATION - A HISTORY OF THE NEW ZEALAND NATIONAL AIRWAYS CORPORATION 1947-78, 2000, The Bush Press, 288pp., illus., soft cover. Book looks at political origins, operations, use of DC3’s, Viscounts, Friendships and Boeings and the final merger into Air New Zealand.

AIR DEPARTMENT, AIR PILOT VOL. 2. SOUTH PACIFIC AREA, SERVICE EDITION, 1944, Air Department, approx. 150pp, maps, in boards - bound with shoelace. This is a rare publication (no.268) that was used by aircraft during WWII. Marked “confidential”, it includes maps, photos, locations and operating details of bomber and fighter strips in New Hebrides, New Caledonia, Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga Islands, Ellice Islands, Wallis Island, Norfolk Island & Cook Islands. Some photos are marked “secret”.

AIR DEPARTMENT,  AIRCRAFT RECOGNITION – SILOUETTES AND DESCRIPTIONS USA, New Zealand Air Department, 30pp., illus with silouette drawings, reasonable condition, soft cover. This is N.Z. Air Publication No. 14B. Issued March 1943. Printed E V Paul, Government Printer, Wellington.

AIR DEPARTMENT, RNZAF PILOTS NOTES FOR VAMPIRE T.11., 1963, Air Department, 71pp., illus., soft cover.  This booklet is historical for a number of reasons. In the first instance, it is an RNZAF publication, not an Air Ministry one.  On the cover is: “N.Z.A.P. 4099K – P.N. 1st Edition December 1963.” This restricted document is titled “RNZAF Pilots Notes for Vampire T.11” and was produced by the Air Department, Wellington.  Inside the cover, the booklet is shown as having come from the RNZAF Ohakea Library with a date of 18 August 1962 given. This is copy No.1. What gives the books provenance is the fact that it has been used by various RNZAF fighter pilots who have put their names on the cover.  These include (Barry) Flavall (who flew Venoms in Singapore with 14 Squadron), Webb, (John) Denton, (Tony) Rundle and (Graham) Jackson (in red ink at bottom). Denton, Rundle and Jackson all went on to fly the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk.  At the rear of the booklet have been attached emergency drills checklits and normal checks. Given the wear of this booklet, it was possibly used in aircraft. 

AIR MAIL SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND, THE AIR MAILS OF NEW ZEALAND – VOLUME ONE – THE INTERNAL FLIGHTS, 1955, The Air Mail Society of New Zealand Inc, 114 pp., hard cover with  illustration of NAC DC3 ZK-AQU Pihoihoi parked outside Christchurch terminal at Harewood.  Copy number 201.  Rare publication.  Covers air mails from pigeon post from Great Barrier Island in 1897 up to 1955.

AIR NEW ZEALAND, AIR NEW ZEALAND’S FIRST 30 YEARS, 1970, Air New Zealand, 46pp, illus, originally soft cover but hard-backed by National Library. Includes background of airline, men at the top, flying boats and the war, introduction of jets, overseas expansion, back-up on ground, service aloft and cargo.

AIR TRAINING CORPS CHRISTCHURCH WING, THE OBSERVER, 1943 - 1944, 20-28pp, illus., soft cover. For further information on this series, click here.

ALEXANDER Graham & TULLETT J S, THE SUPER MEN, 1967, AH & AW Reed, 158pp, illus. Agricultural aviation in New Zealand.

ALEXANDER R T, HIGH ADVENTURE - FROM BALLOONS TO BOEINGS IN NEW ZEALAND, 1968 (1972), National Airways Corporation, 111pp, illus, paperback. A history of NZ aviation up to 1972 with sketches of most aircraft types flown.

ALLAN James G, THE EAGLES FLYS FREE, 1983, Raymond Enterprises, 199pp, illus. A book about the Confederate Air Force and the United States involvement in the Pacific from the Battle of the Coral Sea through to the first Pan Am flight to New Zealand and the US involvement in Antarctica.


ANONYMOUS, THE PITCHER AND THE WELL, 1961, Paul's Book Arcade, 224pp, no illus, tatty d.j. The story of a New Zealand navigator who died in a German prison hospital as a result of burns. Dictated to a fellow P.O.W., the manuscript was acquired by Squadron Leader J. McDonald.
ARUNDEL, Wing Commander (Ted) E. C. THE SPORT OF KINGS, 2002, Brian Riggir, 386pp., illus., soft cover.  The autobiography of Wing Commander E. C. Arundel, AFC, who flew with the RNZAF and spent 50 years in military and civil aviation.


AVERY Max with SHORES Christopher, SPITFIRE LEADER, 1997, Grub Street, 188pp, illus. The Story of Wing Commander Evan ‘Rosie’ Mackie, DSO, DFC, and Bar, DFC (US), top scoring RNZAF fighter ace.

BAIRD Donald, ALONG THE WAY - THE TALE OF A GRANDFATHER, 1987, Keri Print Ltd, 140pp, 40 illus, soft cover. Stories of the RAF and the RNZAF.

BAKER Ian K., KIWI KITTYHAWKS & CORSAIRS – RNZAF FIGHTER CAMOFLAGE & MARKINGS 1942-1948, 2001, Ian Baker, 20pp., illus., soft cover. This booklet is No. 46 in the occasional series of Aviation History Colouring Books and contains details of camouflage, national insignia, fuselage codes, white theatre markings and serials. Fifteen drawings are included to show a number of variations.

BALLANTINE Colin, 40 SQUADRON RNZAF - TO THE FOUR WINDS, 1985, Lodestar Press, 32pp, illus, soft cover. A brief history of 40 Squadron RNZAF and the aircraft the squadron flew. Includes list of all aircraft and their fate.

BARBER Laurie, WAR MEMORIAL – A CHRONOLOGY OF NEW ZEALAND AND WORLD WAR II, 1989, Heinemann Reed, 304pp., illus., soft cover.

BARR Jim & Mary (Ed), THE SOUTHERN CROSS FLIES AGAIN, 1990, ANZ Banking Group (New Zealand), 24pp, illus, soft cover. Covers Smithy, The Old Bus, the new Southern Cross and first Tasman flight.

BATTEN Jean, SOLO FLIGHT, 1934, Jackson & O'Sullivan, 215pp, illus, facsimile of log. Jean Batten's solo flight from London to Sydney

BATTEN Jean, ALONE IN THE SKY, 1979, Airlife, 190pp, illus. Based on "My Life" 1938 flight to Australia, South America, solo to New Zealand, return to England.

BATTEN Jean, MY LIFE, 1938, George Harrap, 304pp, 31 illus. Autobiography. Covers record flights.

BEAUCHAMP LEGG Paul, WEST COAST MEMORIES, 1994, Paul Beauchamp Legg, 162pp, illus. All about flying on the West Coast.

BEAUCHAMP LEGG Paul, WEST COAST - MEMORIES VOLUME TWO, 1998, Paul Beauchamp Legg, 223pp, illus. All about flying on the West Coast and other locations.

BEAUCHAMP LEGG Paul, RIDING THE UPDRAFTS, 1996, Paul Beauchamp Legg, 94pp, illus. Learn about how to read the sky conditions and experience the joy and exhilaration that comes from riding the updraughts.

BEAUCHAMP LEGG Paul, JODIE THE TINY AEROPLANE – VOLUME ONE, 2000, Paul Beauchamp Legg, 82pp. The first in the series about a Jodel aeroplane’s adventures. Covers first test flights, wing shapes, sale and Jodie’s new home.

BEAUCHAMP LEGG Paul, JODIE THE TINY AEROPLANE- VOLUME TWO, 2000, Paul Beauchamp Legg, 96pp. Covers gliders, tow planes, and topdressers

BEAUCHAMP LEGG Paul, JODIE THE TINY AEROPLANE – VOLUME THREE, 2000, Paul Beauchamp Legg, 100pp. Covers floatplanes, firefighting, an airshow, Greymouth airport and Haast aerodrome.

BENNER Vernon, BORN TO FLY, 2000, Benner, 80pp, illus., soft cover. Memoir of WWII New Zealand Spitfire pilot.

BENNETT Mike, THE VENISON HUNTERS, 1979, The Halcyon Press, 215pp, illus., soft cover.  A classic book on the venison industry from government deer culler days to using fixed-wing and helicopters.  Good photos of aircraft throughout.

BENTLEY Geoffrey, RNZAF A SHORT HISTORY, 1969 (1st ed), A H & A W Reed, 268pp, illus, no d.j. Covers Henry Wigram, Kohimarama and Sockburn, Bettington Report, Cochrane the Architect, 75 Squadron, South-East Asia, NZ Squadrons, action in the Pacific, fighters and bombers, occupation of Japan, Cyprus, SAR, Antarctica and RNZAF in the 1960's.

BENTLEY Geoffrey & CONLY Maurice, PORTRAIT OF AN AIR FORCE - THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE 1937 - 1987, 1987, Grantham House, 200pp, illus.

BEVAN Denys, UNITED STATES FORCES IN NEW ZEALAND 1942-1945, 1992, Macpherson Publishing, 408 pp., illus., good cond., soft cover.  A unique history of United States Naval ships and American units that visited New Zealand between January 1942 and December 1945.  Excellent research reference book.

BOYS Stewart, SINGAPORE SOJOURN – THE STORY OF NO. 14 SQUADRON RNZAF FLYING THE VENOM IN SINGAPORE 1955-1958, 2005, Stewart Boys, 152pp., illus., soft cover. Includes maps of Tengah, cockpit photos from pilots notes, and full list of squadron personnel.

BRADSHAW Arthur, FLYING BY BRADSHAW – MEMOIRS OF A PIONEER PILOT 1933 – 1975, 2000, Proctor Publications, 224pp, illus., soft cover. New Zealander Arthur Bradshaw formed Southland Airways, served with the RNZAF and RAF, flew DC-6s on trans-Atlantic flights with SABENA, flew to New Zealand from the UK  in a Proctor and did charter work for the Nelson Aero Club.

BRAITHWAITE Errol, FEAR IN THE NIGHT, 1959, Caxton Press, 165pp., d.j.  A novel set in the New Guinea area where the crew of an RNZAF bomber are forced to put down on a deserted airstrip for repairs and then have a race between getting the aircraft prepared in time, or being ambushed by a Japanese patrol.

BRAITHWAITE Errol, MORNING FLIGHT, 1970, Braithwaite, 12pp., illus., soft cover. The story of the epic first flight across Cook Strait.

BRATHWAITE Errol, "WE'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS . . ", 1994, Caxton Press, 275pp, illus, soft cover. The Second Waorld War as seen through the eyes of ordinary New Zealanders who served in the Royal New Zealand Air Force.
BRATHWAITE Errol, PILOT ON THE RUN, 1986, Century Hutchinson, 185pp, 15 b/w illus, one map, hard cover edition, mint cond. The epic escape from occupied France of Flight Sergeant L.S.M. (Chalky) White, RNZAF.

BREVET CLUB (CANTERBURY) INC, THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN 50TH ANNIVERSARY – 50 BATTLE OF BRITAIN SALUTE, The Brevet Club (Canterbury) Inc., 60pp., illus., soft cover. Includes preface, introduction, breakdown of each phase of the battle, aircraft of the battle (includes plan drawings, power plant, performance, weights, armament and dimensions), the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, RAF WAAFS, 100 Octane fuel, and a list of New Zealand Aircrew in Eligible Squadrons during the period of the Battle of Britain 10 July – 31 October 1940, plus bibliography.

BRODIE Ian, WARBIRDS OVER WANAKA - THE OFFICIAL RECORD OF THE 1998 AIRSHOW, 1998, Reed Publishing, 96pp, illus., soft cover. Foreword by Sir Tim Wallis, introduction by Ian Broadie, full colour photographic coverage.

BRODIE Ian, WARBIRDS OVER WANAKA - THE OFFICIAL RECORD OF THE 2000 AIRSHOW, 2000, Reed Publishing, 96pp., full colour illus., soft cover. Highlights of the airshow include Hurricane debut, Bleriot, Tummelisa biplane, three Polikarpov I-153s, and formations of eight Polikarpovs, two Vampires and two P40s.

BRODIE Ian, WARBIRDS OVER WANAKA - THE OFFICIAL RECORD OF THE 2002 INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW, 2002, Reed Publishing, 104pp., full colour illus., soft cover. Highlights of the airshow include Hawker Hunter debut, Wildcat, Hawker Sea Fury, Curtiss Kittyhawks, army vehicles, tractors, Polikarpov I-16 and I-153, Klemm 35D, Ryans, Lockheed Electra Junior, Edge 540, helicopters, Bird Dog, Harvards, Spitfire, Mustang, Hurricane, Dakota, Orion, RNZAF 727 and C-130, Airtrainers, Catalina, Fouga Magister, and Vampires

BRODIE Ian, WARBIRDS OVER WANAKA - THE OFFICIAL RECORD OF THE 2004 INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW, 2004, Reed Publishing, 104pp., full colour illus., soft cover. Highlights of the airshow include ex-RNZAF F4U Corsair, ex-RNZAF P-40 Kittyhawk, Lavochkin LA-9, Spitfire, Mustang, Hurricane, Sopwith Camel, Fokker Dr. 1, Bristol Fighter, Avro 504, SU-26, Cessna Citation CJ1, Robinson R22, Hughs 500D, Westland Wessex, PAC Cresco, Edge 540, Nanchang CJ-6A, Lockheed 12 Junior, Boeing Stearman, DC3, North American Harvard, Yak 52, Iroquois, Airtrainer, 757, C130, Orion, Catalina, Cessna O-1 Bird Dog, North American Trojan, Cessna A-37 Dragonfly, L-39 Albatross, Vampire, army vehicles, and tractors.

BRODIE Ian, THE ALPINE FIGHTER COLLECTION’S HURRICANE MK IIA, 2000, Reed, 144pp, illus, soft cover. The story of the history, recovery, rebuild and post restoration flight of Hurricane P3351/DR393.

BRODIE Ian & MAKANNA Phil, THE BEST OF WARBIRDS OVER WANAKA, 2002, Reed Publishing, 96pp., illus., soft cover.  Text covers some highlights of each show and photographs (mostly colour) support this.

BROMBY Robin, THE LAST GREAT AIR RACE, LONDON - CHRISTCHURCH 1953, 1982, Southern Press Ltd, 48pp, illus, soft cover. Details aircraft and participants as well as details of race.

BURGESS Michael, AIRCRAFT OF THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE, 1979, Southern Press, 48pp, illus, soft cover. Photos with specs on each aircraft type.

BURGESS Michael, FAMOUS DE HAVILLAND AIRCRAFT, 1981, Burgess Media Services, 32pp, illus, soft cover. Contains photographs of New Zealand civil and RNZAF aircraft.

BURGESS Michael, FAMOUS SOPWITH/HAWKER AIRCRAFT, 1981, Burgess Media Services, 32pp, illus, soft cover. Contains RNZAF aircraft.
BURNS Michael, COBBER KAIN, 1992, Random Century, 188pp, illus, good cond., soft cover. The story of a New Zealand flying hero - Cobber Kain's flying career.

BUTT Peter, PHOENIX TO CONTROL, 1997, Archdeacon G. A. Butt, 72pp, illus., soft cover. The story of Wing Commander L. Taylor who crashed a Gypsy Moth (ZK-ABH) into a Wellington suburb and eventually rose to the position of Director of Civil Aviation.

CANTERBURY AERO CLUB, CANTERBURY AERO CLUB -  A BRIEF HISTORY 1928-2003, 2003, Canterbury Aero Club, 20 pp., illus., s.c.  A4 booklet giving history at Wigram and Harewood with excellent photographs, list of staff over years and list of aircraft owned.

CANTERBURY AERO CLUB, AN INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDE FOR PILOTS, Circa 1984, Canterbury Aero Club, 45pp., illus., soft cover.  Covers basics of drills, pre-flight check, inspection, exercises, etc.

CANTERBURY AERO CLUB, HANDLING NOTES, Circa 1984, 28pp., no illus., soft cover.  Covers PA28 Cherokee (models 140, 151, 161, 181, PA 28R 200, PA38, PA18, Beagle Pup, Cessna 172, PA32 300 Cherokee Six.


Canterbury International Air Race Council, THE INTERNATIONAL AIR RACE – ACROSS THE WORLD ENGLAND TO NEW ZEALAND OCTOBER 1953 – OFFICIAL SOUVENIR PROGRAMME, 1953, Canterbury International Air Race Council, 52pp., illus., soft cover, booklet good condition and in stained gold embossed leather folder.  This presentation copy was owned by Noel Davis, Vice Chairman (of what is not known).  The folder also contains a large publicity photo of Queen Elizabeth with “$948” stamped on the back.

CENSUS and STATISTICS DEPARTMENT, THE NEW ZEALAND OFFICIAL YEAR-BOOK – 1946, 1948, Census and Statistics Department, 983pp., map, spine slightly torn, no d.j.  Excellent summary of Defence for period over WWII, which includes numbers of deaths, wounded, decorations, expenditure, numbers of pilots, numbers and types of airmen trained, strengths of each service, comparisons with UK and brief history of services.

CHICHESTER Francis, SEAPLANE SOLO, 1933 (1st ed), Faber and Faber, 314pp, 8 illus, one map. An account of Chichester's first east-west flight across the Tasman in a single-engined aeroplane via Norfolk and Lord Howe Island. Previously owned by Wellington Aero Club.

CHICHESTER Francis, RIDE ON THE WIND, 1936, Hamish Hamilton, 285pp, 13 illus, 1 map. First edition copy of Chichester's flight from Sydney to Japan including crash.

CHICHESTER Francis, ALONE OVER THE TASMAN SEA, 1933 (1945), George Allen & Unwin, 314pp, 23 illus, maps. First east-west flight across the Tasman in a single-engined aeroplane.

CHICHESTER Francis, SOLO TO SYDNEY, 1930 (1982), Doubleday, 208pp, illus. Flight from London to Sydney.

CHICHESTER Francis, THE LONELY SEA AND SKY, 1964 (1967 fourth impression), Hodder and Stoughton, 352pp, illus. Autobiography. Learning to fly, first crossing east-west of Tasman Sea in single-engined aeroplane, flight to Japan, yachting.

CHIPPINDALE Ron, AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT REPORT NO. 79 – 139 AIR NEW ZEALAND MCDONNELL-DOUGLAS DC10-30 ZK-NZP ROSS ISLAND, ANTARCTICA 28 NOVEMBER 1979, 1980, Office of Air Accidents Investigation Ministry of Transport, 123pp., illus., soft cover. The official report of New Zealand’s worst aviation disaster.

CLAPSHAW Guy, A LIKELY STORY, 1995, Brick Row Publishing, 389pp, illus. Born in the UK, the author joined Air New Zealand in 1965 and flew everything from Moths through to Boeing 747s.

CLAPSHAW Guy, AND THAT’S ANOTHER STORY, 1997, Random House, 291pp, some illus, soft cover. The second book in the series takes up with charter flying in DC3s in the UK and finishes with Clapshaws career with Air New Zealand.
CLARK-HALL R.H. & J.L., AIR MARSHAL SIR ROBERT CLARK-HALL, 1995, J.L. Clark-Hall, 172pp, illus, new, autographed. The biography of Sir Robert Clark-Hall. Clark-Hall, along with Winston Churchill, became the first person to hold field rank in all three services. He learnt to fly in 1911 and, in later years, commandered Harewood Station, Christchurch.

CLARKE Shaun, STRATEGY, AIR STRIKE AND SMALL NATIONS, 1999, Air Power Studies Centre, 204 pp., diagrams, soft cover.   Clarke is an officer serving in the RNZAF and this book makes interesting reading as  it was written at the time that F-16s were on order for the RNZAF. Two years later  the Labour government scrapped the RNZAF air combat force.

CLOUSTON Arthur, THE DANGEROUS SKIES, 1954 (3d ed 1954), Cassell & Company, 187pp, illus. Test pilot school, Flying Fleas, barrage balloons, Capetown record, Australia - New Zealand record, WW2.

COLDBECK Sqdn.Ldr. Harry, THE MALTESE SPITFIRE - ONE PILOT, ONE PLANE - FIND ENEMY FORCES ON LAND AND SEA, 1997, Airlife Publishing, 176pp, illus, dj. The autobiography of Harry Coldbeck, born in Christchurch, NZ, who trained with the RNZAF, then went to Canada, before posting to UK. Coldebeck flew reconnaissance Spitfires from Malta before he had to bale out and ended up in a POW camp in Italy and Germany.

CONLY Geoff, PIET’S EYE IN THE SKY - THE STORY OF NEW ZEALAND AERIAL MAPPING, 1986, Grantham House, 188pp, illus. Covers the story of Piet van Asch and New Zealand Aerial Mapping Ltd from pre-WWII.

COOTE Philip, IMPACT MOUNT RICHMOND - THE LAST FLIGHT OF THE KERERU, 1992, General Printing, 33pp, illus. Story of  Union Airways Electra flight that crashed on Mt Richmond on a flight from Wellington to Nelson on 7 May 1942 with the loss of five lives.


COX Bryan, TOO YOUNG TO DIE, 1987, Cantury Hutchinson, 290pp, illus. The story of a New Zealand fighter pilot in the Pacific War.

COX Bryan, PACIFIC SCRAPBOOK 1943 - 1947, 1997, McGraw-Hill Book Co., 182pp, illus, soft cover. A pictorial history of a young New Zealand Corsair pilot in the Pacific and Japan and of Allied co-operation in the Pacific War.

COX Bryan, CATS HAVE ONLY NINE LIVES, 2004, Bryan Cox, 189pp., illus., soft cover.  Covers Bryans wartime and post-war flying career.

CROW Roger, FLYING LOW, 1978, Hodder & Stoughton, 200pp, 14 illus. A topdressing pilot's experiences in New Zealand and Southern Africa.



CUNNINGHAM G H, MAC'S MEMOIRS, 1937, 160pp, 15 illus. The flying life of Squadron Leader McGregor, RFC, Melbourne Air Race, pioneer flying in new Zeland, development of commercial aviation.

CUTHBERTSON, Lindsay and Sue, AIR CRASHES – JOHNSONVILLE AREA, 2001, Cuthbertson, 16pp., illus., soft-cover booklet.  Booklet covers crash of Gipsy Moth (ZK-ABH) flown by Mr L. F. P. Taylor into a Johnsonville house on 22 September 1932.  This house is now owned by the Cuthbertsons.  Also covered are the crash of a Wico (ZK-AGN NZ580) in 1942, a Piper Cherokee in 1975 and a helicopter (ZK-HKF) on 20 Nov 1987, plus low-flying incidents.

DARBY Charles, RNZAF - THE FIRST DECADE 1937- 46, 1978, Kookaburra Technical Publications, 119pp, illus, d.j. A selection of 250 photographs of RNZAF aircraft used in the Pacific theatre during the first ten years.
DAWSON Bee, HIGH FLYERS – CELEBRATING THE EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN OF THE RNZAF 1977 – 2002, 2002, Penguin, 135pp, b/w illus., soft cover.  A brief history of women in the RNZAF with profiles of 34 women.

DEAN H R, THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE IN SOUTH-EAST ASIA 1941-42, 1952, War History Branch Department of Internal Affairs, 33pp, illus, soft cover. Covers opposing the Japanese Landings, Fighter Operations and Operations over Burma.

DEERE Brendon, MILITARY WINGS - VOLUME ONE, 1979, MS Marketing, 120pp, illus, softcover. A photographic coverage of the following RNZAF aircraft - Canberra, Corsair, Dakota, Kittyhawk, Mosquito, Mustang, Skyhawk, Sunderland & Vampire.

DEERE Brendon, MILITARY WINGS - VOLUME TWO, 1980, Aero Publications, 120pp, illus. 205 photographs of RNZAF aircraft, many previously unpublished. Includes Avenger, Catalina, Hudson, Tiger Moth, Ventura, Harvard, Hercules, Dauntless, Strikemaster.

DEERE Alan C, NINE LIVES, 1959 (1st ed), Hodder & Stoughton, 262pp, illus, good cond, d.j. Autobiography of the most famous of New Zealand fighter pilots who destroyed 22 enemy aircraft with 10 probables and 18 damaged during WW2.

DELORE Terry & DEW Rod, MASTER OF THE WAVE, 2005, Delore Enterprises, 182pp., illus., d.j. This is the story of New Zealand gliding pilot Terry Delore and his substantial achievements in gliding including the first pilot to fly over 2000 km is a 15 m sailplane. Includes details of his flights with well-known adventurer Steve Fossett.

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DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE (CIVIL AVIATION BRANCH), THE AIR PILOT NEW ZEALAND - IST EDITION, 1936, approx. 200pp, screw bound with boards. This rare first edition copy of The Air Pilot gives details on air routes, maps, signals, aerodrome markings and individual aerodrome maps and date for airfields in New Zealand during 1936. Previously owned by Mr K R Wills (his membership card for Marlborough Aero Club - 1961 is enclosed) who donated it to the Nelson Aero Club on 16.1.74.

DEPARTMENT OF NAVY, NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL NAVY MODEL TA-4F/TA-4J INTERNATIONAL MODEL TA-4G AIRCRAFT, 1969 (revised 15 May 1975), Department of Navy, 586pp., illus., 8 fold-out diagrams, blue plastic covers. This book is a training manual designed for standardizing ground and flight procedures with the objectives of improving combat readiness and reducing accidents.  The manual includes detailed information about the operation and structural characteristics of the aircaft, as well as flight characteristics, emergency procedures, all-weather operations, armament systems, performance data, and other topics. The inside pages are 8 1/2" by 11". The publication number is NAVAIR 01-40AVD-1.  The outside cover is dated 15 June 1969 and the inside title page is dated 15 July 1969 (Changed 15 May 1975). The RNZAF flew  TA-4G and TA-4Ks, the former coming from the Royal Australian Navy.

DIBBS John & HOLMES Tony, SPITFIRE - FLYING LEGEND, 1996, Osprey, 192pp, illus. A pictorial tribute to the Spitfire which includes many colour photographs of Spitfires flying today in addition to wartime footage. The book includes photographs of the New Zealand Spitfires and the foreword is written by New Zealand fighter ace, Alan Deere.

DIBBS John, FLYING LEGENDS - A PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDY OF THE GREAT PISTON COMBAT AIRCRAFT OF WWII, 1996, The Plane Picture Company, 243pp, illus. This is probably THE best selection of photographic studies of WWII piston aircraft ever published. Includes aircraft of the Alpine Fighter Collection at Wanaka.

DINGLE Graeme & MOURIE Graham, NEW ZEALAND ADVENTURES, 1985, Moa Publications, 224pp, illus., good cond., autographed. Includes chapter on ballooning over the Desert Road in ZK-FBK and ZK-FBH.

DRAKE D E, WINGS OVER SOUTH CANTERBURY, 1993, D E Drake, 213pp, illus. An illustrated history of the aircraft and pilots who flew in South Canterbury.


DRISCOLL Ian F, AIRLINE,  1979, Shortland Publications, 302pp, illus. The history of Air New Zealand.

DRISCOLL Ian H, FLIGHTPATH SOUTH PACIFIC, 1972, Whitcombe and Tombs, 303pp, 74 illus. Describes the opening up and development of the air routes of the South Pacific from NZ Flying School at Mission Bay through to DC10's.

DUNCAN J B, STERLING M D, LANCASTER NX665, 1992, Museum of Transport and Technology, 48pp, illus., soft cover. The story of the gifting of Lancaster NX665 to the people of New Zealand from the French Government, its move to MOTAT and the building of a permanent home for the aircraft.

DUXBURY David, EWING Ross, MACPHERSON Ross, DUNLOP Ross, NEW ZEALAND MILITARY AIRCRAFT 1913 - 1977, 1977, Aeronautical Press, 36pp, illus, soft cover. Photos and description of all RNZAF aircraft.

DUXBURY David, EWING Ross, MACPHERSON Ross, AIRCRAFT OF THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE, 1977 (1987), Heinemann, 64pp, illus. Photos and description of all RNZAF aircraft.
ELLIS Geoffrey, TOOL BOX ON THE WING, 198, Mallinson Rendel, 252pp, illus. Autobiography of aircraft engineer, Cranwell, Khartoum with RAF, NZ Permanent Air Force at Wigram and other bases, WW2, Solomons.

ELWARD Brad, MCDONNELL DOUGLAS A-4, 2000, Cromwood Press, 192pp, illus. The most comprehensive book ever written on the Skyhawk A-4. Includes details of the RNZAFs Skyhawks.

EWING John, THE CESSNA, THE SKY AND THE CARTOONIST, 1998, Ewing, 128pp., illus. with colour cartoons throughout, soft cover. A book about learning to fly and superbly illustrated by the author.

EWING Ross & MACPHERSON Ross, THE HISTORY OF NEW ZEALAND AVIATION, 1986, Heinemann, 286pp, illus.

EWING Ross, CATALINA DREAMING, 1996, David Ling Publishing, 95pp, illus.  The saga of a group of aviation enthusiasts who wanted to bring a Catalina flying to New Zealand.

EWING Ross, CATALINA DREAMING, 1996 (2nd edition), Old Sausage Publishers, 96pp, illus.  The saga of a group of aviation enthusiasts who wanted to bring a Catalina flying boat to New Zealand.  This edition has different photos in parts and an update section.

EWING Ross L, AVIATION MEDICINE AND OTHER HUMAN FACTORS FOR PILOTS, 1993 (second edition 1995), David Ling Publishing, 159pp, diags., soft cover.

EWING Ross, TOPPED GUN – REQUIEM FOR THE SKYHAWK, 2002, Old Sausage Publishers Ltd, 152pp., colour and b/w illus., d.j.  Gives a brief history of New Zealand air combat, choosing the Skyhawk, training, history of aircraft, Project Kahu, accidents, aerobatics, replacement issues, disbandment.  Includes appendices of Skyhawk pilots, list of aircraft, and commanding officers.

EWING Raewyn, HAWK OF THE SKY – MY STORY, 2002, Old Sausage Publishers, 29pp., colour and b/w illus., soft cover.  A children’s book on RNZAF Skyhawks.


FENWICK, K. E., FLYING TRAINING MANUAL, 1988, Ken Fenwick, 193pp., illus., soft cover.  The standard flying training manual used in New Zealand for pilots up to PPL level.  Very comprehensive with questions/answers at the end of each section.  A classic.

FORHECZ Lou, 50 YEARS OF THE FLETCHER FU24 IN NEW ZEALAND, 2004, Lou Forhecz, 78pp., colour & B&W photos, soft cover.  An excellent pictorial record of the Fletcher in New Zealand with details on development, types and full list of serial numbers, model, registration, first flights, engine installations and initial customer.

FORRESTER Rex, THE HELICOPTER HUNTERS, 1987, Whitcoulls, 185pp, illus. Deer recovery using helicopters in New Zealand.

FORRESTER Rex, THE CHOPPER BOYS, 1983 (1984), Whitcoulls, 168pp, illus. Deer recovery using helicopters in New Zealand.

FRANCES, Neil, KETCHIL – A NEW ZEALAND PILOT”S WAR IN ASIA AND THE PACIFIC, 2005, Wairarapa Archive, 180 pp., illus., softcover. The story of Vic Bargh, an RNZAF pilot that flew in the Far East and the Pacific.

FRANCIS K.D., HELICOPTER PHYSICS, 1992, New House Publishers Ltd, 48pp., illus., soft cover, includes answer sheet to assignments. Written by an ex-RNZAF helicopter pilot. Includes some photos of New Zealand helicopters.

FRANKS Norman, FOREVER STRONG - THE STORY OF THE 75 SQUADRON RNZAF 1916 - 1990, 1991, Random Century, 251pp, illus, d.j.

GARDNER Hugh, SKYWAYS OF MAORILAND, 1934, McKenzie Thornton Cooper Ltd, 160pp. illus., good cond., d.j. A personal account of aeroclub flying. Probably the rarest New Zealand aviation book.

GAVIN Bruce, HEARTLAND HIGH FLIER – THE STORY OF AIR CENTRAL, 2006, Francis Bruce Gavin, 108pp., illus., soft cover, new, $40.00 (April 2007).

GEELEN Janic, THE TOPDRESSERS, 1983, NZ Aviation Press, 367pp, fully illus in b/w and colour, d.j. a bit tatty otherwise good cond., signed by author. Book no. 334 of limited ed. of 700. Rare. The most comprehensive book published on aerial topdressing in New Zealand.

GEELEN Janic & DEERNESS Ray, THE TOPDRESSERS 1990, 1990 First Edition, NZ Aviation Press, 100pp., illus., hard cover.  Lists commercial operators from 1982 to 1990, has extensive photos on both blac and white and colour, and lists all pilots from 1941 to 1990 plus a list of other persons killed in topdressing aircraft accidents.

GEELEN Janic & MACPHERSON Ross, NEW ZEALAND ROTARY WINGS, 1995, NZ Wings, 68pp, illus., soft cover. Covers the pioneering years of rotary flight in New Zealand right through to developments in 1995.

GENERAL DYNAMICS, GENERAL DYNAMICS F-16C ADVANCED MULTIROLE FIGHTER FOR THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIRFORCE, 1983, General Dynamics – Fort Worth Division, 124 sheets of A4R  (printed single-side), illus., soft cover, spiral bound.  This 124 page A4R publication was produced especially for the RNZAF by General Dynamics when the RNZAF were considering purchasing the type in the 1980s.  As such, this is a rare document, as it was not intended for public release.  Inside the title page it states: “Public disclosure is prohibited without the express consent of the General Dynamics Corporation.”

GEORGESON Dick & WILSON Anna, THE LEADING EDGE – A LIFE IN GLIDING, 2003, Shoal Bay, 200pp., illus., soft cover.  An autobiography of Dick Georgeson, New Zealand glider pilot, who started flying in the ‘50s and pioneered mountain wave flying.  During his flying career, he held a number of world records and he received the MBE in 1979 for services to aviation.

GILLESPIE Noel, COURAGE SACRIFICE DEVOTION – THE HISTORY OF THE US NAVY ANTARCTIC VXE-6 SQUADRON 1955-99, 2006, Infinity Publishing.Com, 513pp, illustrated, soft cover, new, $59.90 (April 2007).

GILLESPIE Oliver A., THE PACIFIC – THE OFFICIAL HISTORY OF NEW ZEALAND IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR 1939–45, 1952, War History Branch Department of Internal Affairs, 395pp., illus., maps, no d.j.  Chapters cover the Fiji Garrison, Problems of Command and Employment, Back to the Pacific, Three Island Actions, The End of a Division, The Battle for the Solomons, The Coastwatchers, Navy and Air Force, Fiji Units in Action, the Smaller Garrisons, Occupation in Japan and Reflections.  This book is now very rare hardly ever comes up for sale in second-hand bookshops.

GOLDEN Bruce, JOINT VENTURE – AVIATION MEDICINE IN NEW ZEALAND, 1997, L.J. & C.M. Thompson, 408pp., illus., soft cover.  Covers aviation medicine in New Zealand from the earliest days, particularly in the RNZAF.  Includes many photos of the RNZAF and full appendices of forms used and personnel involved.

GORE Len, FLYING BOAT MEMORIES, 1991, Flying Boat Preservation Society, 24pp, illus., diag., soft cover. The recollections of an aviation engineer on experiences from the Solent, England, to the Pacific Islands “Coral Route”.

GRANT Andrew, HAWKS, 1998, Shoal bay Press, 280pp, paperback. A novel based on the venison wars in New Zealand’s wild south-west.
GRAY Colin, SPITFIRE PATROL, 1990, Random Century, 166pp, illus. Autobiography of NZ's top scoring fighter pilot. He joined the RAF in 1939, fought at Dunkirk and in the Battle of Britain and took part in over 500 operational missions and claimed over 40 enemy aircraft destroyed or damaged. Includes paper clipping of his death 4 August 1995.

GRIMWOOD, A R, FLIGHTS AND FANCIES, 1943, Hutcheson, Bowman & Johnson, 180pp, illus. Stories by a flight lieutenant of the RNZAF with drawings by Oriwa T Haddon, leading aircraftman, RNZAF.
GRUBB C. E., A LONG TIME AWAY - THE WAR-TIME EXPERIENCES OF WW2 FIGHTER PILOT F/O W. G. MCCONNOCHIE, D. F. C., 1995, Central Otago News Print, 214pp, illus. The biography of Bill McConnochie, through his own letters and diaries, that outlines his transformation from a young farmer from Central Otago to a fighter pilot. The book covers his training in New Zealand, Canada and England through to his fighting experiences in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, then as an Instructor in England, and again on operations, attacking V2 sites and escorting bombers over Europe.

GUERIN Michael, DASH 8 DOWN – THE INSIDE STORY OF ANSETT FLIGHT 703, 2001, Random House, 186pp, illus., soft cover.  The story behind the crash on Ansett Flight 703 near Palmerston North, New Zealand, with the loss of four lives.

GUY Michael, WHITE OUT!, 1980, Alister Taylor Publishing, 254pp, 23 illus. Michael Guy's true account of Air New Zealand's DC10 crash on Mount Erebus.

HALL Timothy and Elizabeth, THE OBSERVERS BOOK OF CIVIL AIRCRAFT OF AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND, 1979, Methuen, 214 pp, illus.

HANSON C.M., BY SUCH DEEDS – HONOURS AND AWARDS IN THE ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIR FORCE 1923 – 1999, 2001, Volpane Press, 608pp., illus. of NZ Medals and Awards, d.j., new. This A4 size publication is the result of 11 years of research into the honours and awards of 3200 RNZAF servicemen and women. This reference work is a virtual Who’s Who of the RNZAF. Over half a million words!

HARDWICK Michael, THE WORLD’S GREATEST AIR MYSTERIES, 1970, Hamlyn, 254pp, illus, no d.j. Includes details on Hood and Moncrieff and Whitehead and Nicholls Tasman flights.

HARRIS Stephen, UNDER A BOMBER’S MOON – THE TRUE STORY OF TWO AIRMEN AT WAR OVER GERMANY, 2009, Exisle Publishing, 222pp, illus., soft cover. Covers the story of the author’s great-uncle, New Zealander Colwyn Jones, and Luftwaffe night fighter pilot Otto-Heinrich Fries.

HARRISON Paul, RNZAF BASE WIGRAM - 1916 to 1995 THE END OF AN ERA, 1995, RNZAF, 59pp, illus. A taste of what life was like at Wigram. Includes brief history and photographs of development and history.

HARRISON Paul, “SEND FOR THE ARTIST”, 1995, Random House, 194pp, illus. Biography of Maurice Conly who spent 54 years as the official Royal New Zealand Air Force artist.

HARRISON Paul, with LOCKSTONE Brian and ANDERSON Andy, THE GOLDEN AGE OF NEW ZEALAND FLYING BOATS, 1997, Random House, 320pp, illus. A full account of New Zealand flying boats - individual aircraft, crews, politics, operations and disposal.

HARRISON Paul, LOCKSTONE Brian, A CENTURY OF AVIATION IN NEW ZEALAND, 2000, Grantham House, 48pp., illus, soft cover. A pictorial history of New Zealand aviation from balloons to Boeings.

HARRISON Paul, KIWI AIR COMBAT FORCES – A PORTRAIT OF THE AIR COMBAT FORCES OF THE ROYAL NEW ZELAND AIR FORCE, 2001, NZ Defence Department, 59pp., illus. (includes colour), new, soft-cover magazine format.  This work was commissioned for the disbanding of No. 2, No. 14 and No. 75 Squadron on 13 December 2001.

HARRISON Paul, KIWI ORIONS, 2006, Kiwi Air Research, 159pp, illus., soft cover. A history of the Lockheed P-3B/K Orion in service with No. 5 Squadron Royal New Zealand Air Force 1966 – 2006.

HARVIE E F, VENTURE THE FAR HORIZON, 1966, Whitcombe & Tombs, 192pp, 26 illus, d.j. Pioneer long-distance flights in New Zealand. Includes paper cutting on Pearce flights.

HARVIE E F, GEORGE BOLT - PIONEER AVIATOR, 1974, A H & A W Reed, 176pp, illus. Biography.
HAWKER Douglas, WITH LUCK TO SPARE, 2004, Compaid Graphics, 270pp., illus., soft cover.  An autobiography of Douglas Hawker DFC, one of New Zealand’s longest-living Lancaster pilots who survivied a full tour of operations with No. 603 Squadron.

HENDERSON D. P. (Ed), AUCKLAND INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - OFFICIAL SOUVENIR PROGRAMME AND BOOKLET, 1965, Auckland International Airport air display committee, 72pp, illus., soft cover. Includes photographs and text on Auckland Aero Club, Jean Batten, Air NZ, NAC, RNZAF, details of aerial and static displays, top dressing, light aircraft and Walsh brothers.

HENDRIE ANDREW, SHORT SUNDERLAND IN WORLD WAR II, 1994, Airlife Publishing, 185pp, illus, soft cover. This book traces the development of the aircraft and its important role in WWII. Also covered are the arenas the aircraft flew in, as well as its involvement with the RNZAF.

HENDRIE Andrew, LOCKHEED HUDSON IN WORLD WAR II, 1999, Airlife Publishing, 192pp, illus. Includes details of production, North Sea Patrols, shipping strikes, anti-submarine operations, Gibraltar and the Mediterranean, the Far East and South Pacific including RNZAF operations.

HICKSON Ken, FLIGHT 901 TO EREBUS, 1980, Whitcoulls, 278pp, 33 illus. An account of the disaster written by an aviation writer.

HOLMES Noel, TO FLY A DESK, 1982, A H & A W Reed, 196pp, illus, d.j. The biography of Sir Geoffrey Roberts, Father of Air New Zealand. Covers his life from a car salesman from Inglewood, his time with the RNZAF, Teal and finally as chairman of Air New Zealand.

HOPE Lester, CARSON Joanna, WRIGHT John, DUNLOP Ross, SAFE IN THE SKIES, 2000, Lester Hope, 140pp., illus., soft cover. The history of Safe Air Ltd. Book covers beginnings, tragedy, expansion, international, engineering work, RNZAF work, Spitfire restoration and the Argosy Trust.

HOPKINS Jim, WORDS ON WINGS – AN ANTHOLOGY OF NEW ZEALANDERS IN FLIGHT, 2004, Harper Collins, 377pp., no illus., soft cover.  A compilation of storys from previously published NZ aviation books.

HORN Alex, WINGS OVER THE PACIFIC, 1992 (1993), random Century, 228pp, illus. The RNZAF in the Pacific War.
HOULTON Jonnie, SPITFIRE STRIKES, 1985, John Muray, 257pp, 34 illus.  New Zealand spitfire pilot with 485 squadron, RNZAF.
HOWELLS Trevor, AFRICAN EXPERIENCE, 1994, author published - Tauranga, 128pp, illus, soft cover. An RNZAF pilot tells of his experiences ferrying aircraft across Africa during WWII.

INFORMATION SECTION OF THE PRIME MINISTER’S DEPARTMENT, WAR RECORD, 1946, Information Section of the Prime Minister’s Department, 63pp., illus., soft cover.  Covers organization for war, NZ War Cabinet, the Second NZEF, Pacific Battleground, RNZAF, Royal NZ Navy, NZ winners of the Victoria Cross, Merchant Navy, the Maori war effort, welfare of Forces, Women in the Services, home defence, the industrial front, defence construction, feeding the forces, primary production, return to civilian life.
INGHAM Wally, THE AVENGERS, 1990, Wally Ingham, 131pp, illus. The story covers the war type exploits of the Gisborne based RNZAF No 30 Squadron who flew Avengers.
INGHAM Wally, WE ALSO SERVED, 1991, Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand, 154pp, illus. The story of a World War Two serviceman, whose duties in the Royal New Zealand Air Force were to keep the aircraft serviceable to fly.

JACKSON Francis, AIRGUNNER, 1944, A.H. & A.W. Reed, Wellington, 164pp, illus, good cond., faded spine, soft cover. The Adventures of a New Zealand Airman in the RAF.

JANES Charlie, HUNTING FOR TROUBLE, 1990, Heinemann Reed, 175pp, illus. Hunting and flying in the Kawekas with a Jodel.
JANES Charlie, HELL FOR LEATHER, 1992(1995), Reed, 200pp, illus, soft cover. Hunting and flying in the Kawekas with a Jodel, trying to get approval to fly a V8-powered Auster, and building a Protech.
JANES Charlie, TIME FOR A BREW, 1993 (1996), Reed, 201pp, illus., excellent cond., soft cover. The first book in the series of a Kiwi pilot and hunter. Includes experiences of flying/hunting trips in the South Island.

JANES Charlie, THE TURKEY HAS LANDED, 1995, Reed, 176pp, illus. Hunting and flying in the Kaweka with a Protech microlight.

JANES Charlie, POSSUM ON A COLD TIN ROOF, 1998, Reed, 184pp, illus., soft cover. After recovering his Protech microlight Charlie Jane is back in the air to find a safer airstrip.

JENKINS David, HITTING HOME – THE JAPANESE ATTACK ON SYDNEY 1942, 1992, Random House, 88pp., fully illus., A4 size, good cond., soft cover.  A comprehensive look at the Japanese submarine attack on Sydney Harbour and suburbs.  Includes details and interview with Japanese pilot who flew aircraft (this was also flown over New Zealand).

JENKS C F L, NEW ZEALAND MILITARY AIRCRAFT AND SERIAL NUMBERS, 1980, Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand, 32 pp., illus., soft cover, good cond. Publication No. 1 of the AHSNZ, this is an essential reference document for those wanting to trace the serial numbers (including post RNZAF identities) of NZ military aircraft.

JENKS Cliff & PHILLIPS David, NEW ZEALAND TIGER MOTHS – 1938 TO 2000, 2000, Aviation Historical Society, 160pp, illus., soft cover, new. Covers details on beginnings, pre-war aircraft, New Zealand made aircraft, danger at home, peacetime air force, aero club mainstay, topdressing, rebirth of a legend, and what they are like to fly. Includes comprehensive appendices.

JILLETT Leslie, WINGS ACROSS THE TASMAN, 1953 (1st ed), A H & A W Reed, 200pp, 25 illus. Moncrieff and Hood, Southern Cross, Menzies, Chichester, Hewett & Kay, Pat O'Hara, Batten, flying boats etc.

JOHNSTON J.W., UNION AIRWAYS, 1985, Aviation Historical Society of New Zealand, 24pp, illus, A4, soft cover, good cond. A short history of Union Airways of New Zealand Ltd 1936 - 1947.

KAY C E, THE RESTLESS SKY, 1964 (1st ed), George Harrap, 248pp, 29 illus. New Zealand pilot. Egypt RAF, flight to Australia, London-Melbourne air race 1934, first through flight London-New Zealand, 75 squadron bomber command in Wellingtons, Antarctica.

KILDUFF Peter, DOUGLAS A-4 SKYHAWK, 1983, Osprey, 198pp., illus., good cond., d.j.  Well illustrated book on the A-4 with coverage of RNZAF Skyhawks, plus development, combat history and technical and performance data.

KING John, NEW ZEALAND TRAGEDIES AVIATION - ACCIDENTS AND DISASTERS, Grantham House, 1994 (1st ed), 292pp, fully illus. Covers accidents from 1899 to the present, including the Erebus disaster.

KING John, VINTAGE AEROPLANES IN NEW ZEALAND, 1986, Heinemann, 184pp, illus. Illustrations of current vintage aircraft flying in New Zealand in mid '80's.

KING John, NEW ZEALAND WARBIRDS, 1989 (1st ed), Century Hutchinson, 87pp, illus. Includes Harvard, Tiger Moth, Stearman, Cub, Auster, replicas, Dominie, Devon, DC3, Chipmonk, Beaver, Airtrainer, Mustang, Fury, Spitfire, & Venom.

KING John, WINGS OVER NEW ZEALAND, 1996, Saint Publishing, 80pp, illus, soft cover. A pictorial chronicle of New Zealand aviation.

KING John, FAMOUS NEW ZEALAND AVIATORS, 1998, Grantham House, 200pp, illus, soft cover. Book covers Richard Pearse, Jean Batten, Will Scotland, Fred Ladd, George Bolt, Bert Mercer, Harry Wigley, Popeye Lucas, Bill Black, Pam Collings and Trevor Bland.

KING John, WARBIRDS AROUND THE WORLD, 1999, Saint Publishing, 126pp, colour illus, new, soft cover. A pictorial coverage of 63 warbirds, each aircraft having a full-page colour photograph with adjacent text. Many New Zealand aircraft included.
KING John, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS – THE STORY OF AN ANZAC P-40, 2002, Reed, 157pp., illus., soft cover.  This book records the life of Curtis Kittyhawk A29-448 during its time during WWII and subsequent rebuild.
KING Miles, THE SKY MY CANVAS, 1985, Mallinson Rendel, 140pp, illus. Autobiography of NZ pilot who flew Corsairs, topdressers and Cessnas across the Pacific.

KINGSFORD A.R., NIGHT RAIDERS OF THE AIR, 1930, John Hamilton, 222pp, illus, no d.j. The experiences of a New Zealand night flying pilot who "raided Hunland on many dark nights during the War."

KNOWLES Alan, NEW ZEALAND AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED, 1990, IPL Books, 240pp, fully illus. Includes aircraft airworthy and resident in New Zealand in 1990.

LADD Fred & ANNABELL Ross, A SHOWER OF SPRAY AND WE'RE AWAY, 1971, A H & A W Reed, 234pp, 38 illus. Flying career of Fredd Ladd from RNZAF through to TAT.

LADD Fred & ANNABELL Ross, A BIT OF A LADD, 1987, Reed Methuen, 211pp, illus. Fred Ladds career from RNZAF, Fiji Airways, Tourist Travel, Volcanic Wundaflites and gliding. Press clipping of death.

LAINE Shirley, SILVER WINGS, 1989, Grantham House, 112pp, illus. New Zealand woman aviators.

LAIRD Malcolm & MACKENZIE Steve, SPITFIRE THE ANZACS - THE RAF THROUGH COLONIAL EYES, 1997, Ventura Publications, 48pp, illus., soft cover. Book centres on service careers of eight Australian and NZ airmen serving in WWII including Colin Gray, Roy Buchanan, Alan Peart and Lawrence Weggery (all RNZAF) as well as Johnny Checketts.

LAMBERT MAX, NIGHT AFTER NIGHT – NEW ZEALANDERS IN BOMBER COMMAND, 2005, Harper Collins, 459 pp., illus., soft cover.

LAURENSON Wendy, EARLYBIRD - THE STORY OF PHIL LIGHTBAND, 1996, Phil Lightband, 318pp, illus. Lightband first flew at age 14, flew solo from England to Sydney in a single engined aircraft in 1950, helped introduce floatplane and skiplanes to NZ and was the first to fly a light aircraft from the United States to NZ.

LEWIS P. V., ZERO – A BIOGRAPHY OF MITSUBISHI A6M3 NZ6000, Southern Press Ltd., 8pp, illus, soft cover. Excellent background information, photos and information on the Auckland War Memorial Museum’s A6M and other preserved Zeros.

LOCKSTONE Brian & HARRISON Paul, DC3 - SOUTHERN SKIES PIONEER, 2000, Random House, 158pp, illus., soft cover. Covers production of DC3 and use by RNZAF, early airlines in NZ, topdressing, Antarctic, etc. Includes details on disposal and survivors.

LOCKSTONE Brian, INTO WIND . . . THE BIRTH OF THE RNZAF, 2007, The RNZAF Museum, 108pp, illus., soft cover. In 1936, the Government sought expert advice from Britain on reshaping the Royal New Zealand Air Force. This is an account of how Wing Commander the Honourable R A Cochrane, RAF, came to New Zealand and, in two intensive years, laid the foundations of the modern RNZAF.

LOWE David, THE FLYING-BOAT ERA, 1978, Lodestar Press, 32pp., illus., soft-cover. Covers history of flying boats in New Zealand with photos of Sikorsky S42B-NC16734, G-ADUT, ZK-AMC Awarua, ZK-AMA Aotearoa, Sandringham ZK-AMH Auckland, Sunderland G-AGJM, ZK-AMD, ZK-AMK, ZK-AML, Solents ZK-AMM, ZK-AMN, Catalina ZK-AMP and more.
LOWE David, AIR NEW ZEALAND – THE INTERNATIONAL AIRCRAFT FROM FLYING BOATS TO THE 747, 1981, Lodestar Press, 32pp., illus, soft cover. A brief illustrated history of international flying. Includes photos of flying boats, DC6, Electra, DC8, DC10, B737, F27 and B747 aircraft. Includes list of fleet aircraft up to 1981.

LUCAS F J, POPEYE LUCAS QUEENSTOWN, 1968 (1972), A H & A W Reed, 186pp, 36 illus, autographed. Autobiography from first days, WW2, tourist flying Queenstown.
LUCAS Lorie, POPEYE'S WAR, 1996, L J Lucas, 344pp, illus, autographed. The service biography of New Zealander Frederick John Lucas and his involvement with 75 and 487 squadrons.

MACFARLANE Stuart, THE EREBUS PAPERS, 1991, Avon Press, 736pp, illus. Edited extracts from the Erebus proceedings with commentary.

MACKENZIE Bathia, THE WAAF BOOK - A SCAPBOOK OF WARTIME MEMORIES, 1982, Whitcoulls, 112pp, illus, softcover, good cond. A scrapbook of wartime memories of New Zealand Woman's Auxiliary Air Force.

MACKERSEY Ian, JEAN BATTEN - THE GARBO OF THE SKIES, 1990, Macdonald Publishers, 465pp, illus, d.j. Biography of Jean Batten, including her death in Spain.

MACKERSEY Ian, SMITHY – THE LIFE OF SIR CHARLES KINGSFORD SMITH, 1998, Little, Brown and Company, 416pp., illus., d.j in plastic. An autobiography of Sir Chales Kingsford Smith.

MACPHERSON Ross, AIRWAYS - THE FIRST 50 YEARS, 1986, Concept marketing & South Pacific Wings, 96pp, illus., soft cover. A history of airline flying in New Zealand.

MACPHERSON Ross, WINGS DIRECTORY, 1995 Vol 3, Wings Magazine, 212pp, illus., soft cover. List of aircraft registrations, organisations etc in New Zealand.

MACPHERSON Ross, WINGS DIRECTORY, 1996 Vol 4, Wings Magazine, 212pp, illus., new, soft cover. List of aircraft registrations, organisations etc in New Zealand.

MACPHERSON Callum (Editor in Chief), WINGS DIRECTORY, 1998 Vol 6, Wings Magazine, 240pp, illus., soft cover. List of aircraft registrations, organisations etc in New Zealand.

MACPHERSON Callum (Editor in Chief), WINGS DIRECTORY, 1999 Vol 7, Wings Magazine, 192pp, illus., soft cover. List of aircraft registrations, organisations etc in New Zealand.

MACPHERSON Callum (Editor in Chief), NEW ZEALAND WINGS DIRECTORY, 2000 Vol 8, Wings Magazine, 184pp, illus. soft cover. List of aircraft registrations, organisations etc in New Zealand.

MACPHERSON Callum (Editor in Chief), NEW ZEALAND WINGS DIRECTORY, 2001 Vol 9, Wings Magazine, 188pp, illus., soft cover. List of aircraft registrations, organisations etc in New Zealand.

MACPHERSON Callum (Editor in Chief), NEW ZEALAND WINGS DIRECTORY 2002 Vol 10, 2002, New Zealand Wings, 208pp, illus., soft cover. List of aircraft registrations, organisations etc in New Zealand.

MACPHERSON Callum (Editor in Chief), NEW ZEALAND WINGS DIRECTORY 2004 Vol 12, 2004, New Zealand Wings, 232pp, illus., new, soft cover, $34.95 (April, 2004). List of aircraft registrations, organisations etc in New Zealand.


MAHON Peter, VERDICT ON EREBUS, 1984, Collins, 296pp, illus., d.j., stain on d.j. A judges view of the Air New Zealand Mt Erebus disaster that claimed the lives of 257 people in Antarctica.

MALING Peter B, WANDERLUST - THE LIFE OF A PIONEER NEW ZEALAND AIRWOMAN, 1988, Caxton Press, 73pp, illus. Story of Aline Quin, first NZ airwoman to make a trans-continental flight.

MALONEY, Edward T & FEIST Uwe, CHANCE VOUGHT CORSAIR, 1967, Aero Publishers Inc, 54pp, b&w photos and colour illus., soft cover.  Excellent photographic coverage of F4Us, including airframe details and cockpit shots.  Includes NZ Corsairs.

MARSHALL Graeme, AERIAL HUNTER – THE DICK DEAKER STORY, 2009, The Halcyon Press, 176pp., illus., soft cover. The story of New Zealand deer culler turned fixed wing and deer helicopter hunter.

MARTYN Errol & HUGHES Sylvia, FIFTY YEARS IN SOUTHERN SKIES – THE SOUTHLAND AERO CLUB – A SHORT HISTORY, 1979, Southland Aero Club, 23pp., illus., soft cover.

MARTYN Errol W., FOR YOUR TOMORROW - VOLUME ONE: FATES 1915 - 1942, 1998, Volplane Press, 304pp, no illus. A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and allied air services from 1915 to 1942. Limited edition No. 43 of 300 numbered books.

MARTYN Errol W., FOR YOUR TOMORROW - VOLUME TWO: FATES 1943 - 1998, 1999, Volplane Press, 448pp, no illus. A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and allied air services between 1943 and 1998. Limited edition No. 43 of 300 numbered books.

McCARTHY Frank, SINGAPORE HARRIERS – A PICTORIAL RECORD OF THE RNZAF No. 1 AERODROME CONSTRUCTION SQUADRON, 1989, 52pp., illus. This self-published covers the work of No.1 Aerodrome Construction Squadron, Unit 24, RNZAF which built runways in Malaya during 1941/42. The Squadron was evacuated when the Japanese took over Singapore.

McDONALD Wayne, HONOURS AND AWARDS TO THE NEW ZEALAND EXPEDITIONARY FORCE IN THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918, 2001, Helen McDonald, 352pp., soft cover.  This book is the result of 20 years research and records all awards and honours alphabetically.  It is an unmatched historical resource on the subject. Covers awards to New Zealanders in the Great War of Victoria Cross, Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal, Mentions in Dispatches, as well as OBE. Even includes wards of Nursing Medals and some foreign decorations that were awarded to Kiwi ANZAC forces in WWI NZEF.  A copy of this book (shop soiled second-hand) sold in March 2005 on Trade Me for $155.00.  Apparently the seller claimed the book was limited to just 250 copies and would not be reprinted as the author had died.

McGREAL Maurice, A NOBLE CHANCE, 1994, Maurice McGreal, 200 pp, illus, soft cover. The story of a pilot's life. Includes war training, 75 Sqdn, time with TEAL and Civil Aviation.

McGREAL Maurice, A HISTORY OF CIVIL AVIATION IN NEW ZEALAND, 2003, David Bateman, 276pp., illus., d.j.  A comprehensive coverage of civil flying and administration in New Zealand.
McKENZIE Roy, FOOTPRINTS – HARNESSING AN INHERITANCE INTO LEGACY, 1998, Sir Roy McKenzie, 279pp., illus., soft cover.  Autobiography of Sir Roy McKenzie.In addition to details on his skiing, mountaineering and harness racing interests, this book covers Roy’s experiences with Bomber Command.

McLEAN Gavin, TAKE-OFF – THE HELICOPTERS (NZ) STORY, 2006, Hazard Press, 222pp., illus., d.j., hardback.

McQUAID Peter (Ed), WARTIME MEMORIES – STORIES FROM OUR MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN WORLD WAR II, 1995, Dolphin Publications, 149pp., illus., soft cover.  Includes stories from personnel in the RNZAF and RAF.

MASON Francis K Mason, LOCKHEED HERCULES, 1984, Patrick Stephens, 241pp., illus., d.j.  Superb reference book covering production, users and full appendices on individual aircraft, including RNZAF.

MIDDLETON D.H., AIRSPEED - THE COMPANY AND ITS AEROPLANES, 1982, Terence Dalton Limited, 206pp., illus. Includes history of the Tern, Ferry, Courier, Envoy, Viceroy, Oxford, Queen Wasp, Horsa and Ambassador. Some detail on RNZAF Oxfords included.
MITCHELL Alan W, NEW ZEALANDERS IN THE AIR WAR, 1945, George G Harrap & Co, 192pp, illus, d.j. Covers NZ squadrons amd famous pilots and crews.

MONTGOMERY Robert E, THE DELTA MILITARY CAMP - RNZAF STATION - A HISTORY, 1995, Delta Reunion Committee, 36pp, illus., photocopied publication.

MORGAN Len, THE AT-6 HARVARD, 1966, Arco Publishing, 64pp (no pagination), illus., hard cover but no d.j.  Includes photo of RNZAF Harvard.

MORRIS Gerard S., WARBIRDS OVER WANAKA, 1994, Reed, 140 pp, illus in colour. The Story of New Zealand's Premier Airshow. Includes photographs of aircraft attending including first flight of Kittyhawk, and Messerschmitt 109J.

MORRIS Gerard S. & RUSSELL Warren R., WANAKA WARBIRDS - SIR TIM WALLIS’S ALPINE FIGHTER COLLECTION, 1998, Reed, 80pp, illus. in colour, soft cover. Photographs, specifications, history and colour scheme of the Alpine Fighter Collection aircraft as of March 1998.

MORRIS Gerard S., SPITFIRE - THE NEW ZEALAND STORY, 2000, Reed, 376pp., illus., d.j.. This superb reference book covers New Zealand’s association with the Spitfire. Begining with design, the book looks at the first New Zealander’s to fly it, operational squadrons, famous pilots, presentation Spitfires, action during WWII, post war visits to New Zealand and those who fly it today.

MOUNTAIN Bruce (Ed), ROYAL NEW ZEALAND AIRFORCE 1937-1997 - A SALUTE TO 60 YEARS OF OUTSTANDING SERVICE, 1997, Mountain Publishing, 160pp, illus, soft cover.

MULGAN David, THE KIWI'S FIRST WINGS, 1960, Harry H Tombs, 150pp, illus, good cond, ex-NZ National Library, d.j. The story of the Walsh Brothers and the New Zealand Flying School at Kohimarama 1910 to 1924.

MULLIGAN Keith, KITTYHAWKS AND COCONUTS, 1995, New Zealand Wings, 192pp, illus. Story of young New Zealander who went to war in the Pacific as a fighter pilot. The story of the first three tours of No 16 (F) squadron.

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